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12.000 ft on top of Ephesus

While going to Alaçatı to learn windsurfing, we have turned the route to Selçuk because of the lack of wind.

We arrived at the airport and find Mr. Vedat who is responsible for the safety. We were looking at his face expressions fearing he would say no. Smiling he said we are in 12th sortie. First a relief, on the other hand, a cold sweat, due to the knowledge of what is going to happen. We sat down and waited.. The lady we were sitting next to was trying to convince her husband "the only thing you could loose is the money, you can still change your mind ..."  looking at us for support. We turned our heads.


We were curiously watching those who jumped from the plane were going down very fast. And just as I sad "That’s it, the man is a fossil!",with only couple of centimeters left to the ground, in an incomprehensible manner, gentle and gracefull like a butterflies they landed, and the parachute droped by their side gently. As if they were not running 200 km / h just minutes ago, they were slowly coming in and picking up the parachutes. Meanwhile us, we were acting as we have just seen the movie Jaws, while we watched them. Something was constantly being thrown, twitched, ropes collected,  sewing machine on the left side, as if we were not in the DropZone, but a fabric factory. Someone gave a sign, everyone left and started watching the jump on the screen….

We saw Hayko Cepkin a musican we are very pround of. He’s an amator parachutist. We had hoped to see him, since we knew that he had moved to Selçuk, but still it was a surprise for us seeing him there. We approached him with excitement, and asked: ‘’Would you please join us on our sortie? "What time is your sortie? He asked.  " Hayko you are a king’’!

We were called for training. While sitting on the back sit we listened to the instructions. Every movement of ours is affecting the fall, even the hands being closed or being open makes a difference. The head should be held up, both arms should be opened and held next to the head, the wrists should be held downwards in a relxed manner... While the images on the video make an adrenalin rush, on the other side the idea of applying the rules we have just learned was stressful. You have no chance to practice, whatever you have learned, you need to apply directly, falling from 12.000 ft. Try not to get excited.



It's 12 o'clock. We got dressed and got on a plane. Hayko's jokes, the conversation with the trainers, made us forget the stress, everyone on the plane was happy. Rising up in the air, while our caravan and our car started dissapearing from our sight, we focused on the engine only, and with someone making another joke, the pulse returned to normal.

The altimeters smiled, we were at 12.000 ft. There was no stress but there was a happy excitement that could not fit our body anymore. There are no words to express this happiness, nothing else could be compared to this feeling. Hayko jumped first. We were watching how he was falling downward and disappeared from our sight. Standing at the door is the hardest part. You understand how serious the whole situation in fact is. If you wait for a few more seconds the panic takes the palce of the happy excitement you where feeling just moments ago. You do not have to worry- before finishing your thought ‘’aaaAAAAA’’ and in the clouds you are ...

As you fall down at a speed of 200 km per hour, you lose the control of your mouth and your eyes. The lips are wobbly, with a feeling of tension on the cheeks. You try to think about what you have to do, what was it, yor legs between the trainer’s legs, bending your knees? While the body is being pinched by the wind, you are trying to save the scene into the brain. The theater of Ephesus, with the 24.000 people capacity seemed so tiny and İzmir seemed endless. You're going so fast, with every blink of the eye, you're missing on something. And just when you feel you have everything under control, the teacher deploys the parachute.


The Earth takes us like a vacuum in 45 seconds from the moment we start floating in the sky like a fish until we open the parachute. This is a feeling impossible to describe. Everyone needs to live this experience. If there is something that must be added as first on the list of things to do before dying, it is skydiving.

On the dry soil, our yellow car and white caravan were starting to show again. A little closer we could see Bilge's colorful surprise birthday banner. When we got down, our instructor made a sudden maneuver witch gave us the last adrenalin rush.

All the trainers, the plane pilots, the whole dropzone team cut the cake together. Trainers and new students were flying again in the sky, as we headed towards a new adventure in Alacatı.





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