‘I jumped as well’- Volkan Küçükönder

Are you crazy? Are you out of your mind? What if the parachute does not open? I have encountered these questions many times before doing my jump... But I would not miss the chance to jump over the ruins of Ephesus with free fall of 45 seconds at speed of 200 km from 12.000 feet ...

I decided to share this exciting, wonderful, perfect, extraordinary experience with you step by step.

July 18, 2011 at 12:45 I walked out of my hometown Selçuk on foot with my mother to make a Tandem Jump at EfesDropzone. We followed the "mulberry road". First we reached the Ephesus Center by passing through the Temple of Artemis, than the cemetery area and lastly Ephesus. Since it was really a mulberry road, we ate a lot of mulberries on the way.



* Finally, I reached the facility and stroke a pose like a real action man.



* After ten minutes of training, I’ve put the suite on with the help of our hosts.



* Although I got little nervous because the first suite didn’t fit me, soon enough we found a suitable one, and I got ready for the jump with the help of the instructor Mr. Mustafa Ağcahan.


* And we started walking towards the plane.


* With  a Cessna 208 type plane in 12-14 minutes we got up to 12,000 feet above Kuşadası. I had a lot of fun talking with other people on the plane.

‘Can I jump in a second? I will jump, won’t I? Is it too high?’ While this sort of question were rolling in my mind, the door of the plane opened and the jumps started.




And it was my turn,I’m flyyyyyying!!!


The beautiful wind at 12000 feet, the fall of 45 second, Kuşadası, the view of Ephesus ruins, with 200 kilometers per hour speed of falling, I was enjoying the sight below. Finally we landed.



This wonderful experience that started with a smile, thanks to the warm friendly, helpful employees who give the biggest importance to safety, finished with a smile. And thanks to them I now have a memory to one day share with my grandchildren. My new goal is to make this joyful activity full of adrenaline my new hobby, by continuing with the training in order to take the necessary certificate.



With no questionmarks in your head, come to Selçuk \ Efes for at least a few tandem jumps, with extremely safe equipment and employees dedicated to safety in the first place. Be sure it would be one of the best experiences you have ever had!

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