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Parachuting is as old as human history. Although it is difficult to elaborate the history of parachuting, the Chinese came out with the first parachute idea. The Chinese have developed umbrella-like tools to jump from high towers and so skydiving was born.

Where is Skydiving done?

The only place in Turkey is Skidive Ephesus.

Skydiving in Istanbul

Skydiving is technically possible in Istanbul, there are suitable landing places but busy air traffic makes it impossible to run a dropzone in Istanbul.

What if the parachute does not open?

The most common question in skydiving is: "What if my parachute does not open?" The skydiving equipment contains a harness, a main parachute connected to it and a reserve parachute. It means that if the main parachute won’t open, there is a reserve parachute to save you. It is important to remember that parachute technology has improved a lot and the new skydiveing parachutes are much stronger, lighter and longer lasting. The reserve parachutes are designed and packed much more carefully. The reserve parachutes are checked every year.


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