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Tandem Jump

The Tandem Jump begins with a short 15 minute briefing. Attached to an experienced tandem pilot you will make a 45 seconds freefall at speed of 200 km per hour, jumping from 12.000 ft. Your parachute will open on over the Ephesus Antique, City while the sun shines over the Aegean region and the blue sky accompanies you.

For you to never forget this spectacular experience and to share it with your friends, our cameramans will record your jump from the moment you jump, until you reach the ground.

Even though your jump can be completed within 1 hour under normal circumstances, we have to remind you that you can wait 1-3 hours due to meteorological conditions or previous reservations.

Do not forget your sport shoes

Remember to wear comfortable clothes and sport shoes to enjoy your jump. Sandals, boots or high heels are not suitable for jumping.

Before the tandem jump, the participants have to sign a contract to confirm, that they have no physical and mental problems.

Participants who are under the age of 18 have to be accompanied by the parents (who will be checked by an ID). In other words parents permission is compulsory for the underage jumpers.

Other requirements for Tandem Jumping are; to have a minimum weight of 45kg, a maximum weight of 90 kg and a maximum height of 1.90 cm.