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AFF Training

Take your license with a training in a short time

AFF (accelerated free fall training) is the most preferred training system in the world. Jumping with two instructors from 12.000 ft gives the student a graet chance to gain the ability to jump alone in a short time. Ground training is completed in 3 days and is followed by jumps. You will be trained in free fall and canopy piloting.

AFF courses include 17 hours of ground training, 1 tandem jump and 3 jumps with 2 instructors.

After the ground training and 1 tandem jump,  jumps with 2 instructors start from 12.000 ft. At this part, your instructors will show you the ideal free fall position in the air and correct your mistakes.

Depending on the students condition, the jumps will be made with one instructor.  During this time, your instructor will always be by your side until you became capable of jumping on your own. The evaluation is being done by the instructor. This process is entirely based on the ability of the student.

A student who has finished the AFF training, will now be able to jump alone from12.000 ft.

After the student has reached a number of 25 jumps, he/she will be able to attend a licence testjump to get the FAI-A Licence.

FAI-A licensed skydivers can jump at any dropzone in the world.

FAI-A license requirements: 25 jumps in total, 5 times two way dockings, 5 minutes freefall time and the ability to paack ovn parachute.