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About Us

In Turkey parachuting activities start within our skydiving school. The skydiving School was founded on May 3, 1935 with the directives of the former leader Atatürk, under the General Directorate of Türkkuşu, and from 2003 has trained more than 38.084 parachutists .

Since 1963, skydiving development courses have been planned and up to now, 680 parachutist received FAI-D certificates.

The skydiving school has turned the airspace of Selçuk / Ephesus into a jumping center (DROPZONE) and is open all year long in order to perform its activities with its trained expert staff. In terms of its climatic characteristics, Ephesus is not only a place where you can jump every month of the year, but also attracts attention with many touristical areas (Ephesus Antique City, Virgin Mary's House, Sirince, Temple of Artemis, Kuşadası etc.).

The skydiving school offers a variety of courses (goal, style, formation skydiving, canopy formation, skysurf, freestyle, wingsuit) as well as initial training.